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3 Times To Think About Updating Your Background Check Practices

Background screening solutions are not one-size-fits-all. They should be designed to fit your needs, and those needs change. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as when you become aware of an oversight that threatens the safety and reputation of your business—or simply requires you to re-fill a position because a hire turned out not to be the right fit. Other times, it’s not so clear-cut.

Three times it’s smart to reevaluate:


  1. The laws change. Staying compliant throughout the hiring process is crucial, especially for staffing and recruiting companies, where a high-volume of background checks leads to a high number of potential oversights. Pay attention to changes in federal, state and local law, then determine whether your current background check system is taking the latest laws into account. If not, it’s time to find a new provider.


  1. You’re filling a new level of positions. An entry-level position does not merit the same level of scrutiny as a senior management role, so why would you screen them the same way? You wouldn’t. If the caliber of positions you’re looking to fill changes, your searches need to change, too: Think credit reports, education verification, and employment verification in addition to other vetting measures.


  1. You go digital. Managing stacks of paperwork is a pain, so it’s no wonder most companies are adopting digital solutions to simplify the process. Approved Hire allows applicants to remotely complete the necessary Fair Credit Reporting Act release, electronically sign and put in their own information for the screening to save you time and stress. Many leading applicant tracking systems also support our online platform, so you can fully manage your recruitment needs online.


Wondering if you should be taking a closer look at your background check practices? Schedule a demo and try our industry-leading screening solutions on for size.

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