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How to Protect Yourself Against Resume Lies

How often do people really lie on their resumes? The answer might surprise you.

In an annual survey commissioned by CareerBuilder, 77 percent of hiring managers reported catching a lie on a resume. In past years, the survey found that 73 percent of those hiring managers reported seeing resume lies for positions in the financial services industry, followed by:


  • Leisure and Hospitality (71 percent)
  • Information Technology (63 percent)
  • Health Care with more than 50 employees (63 percent)
  • Retail (59 percent)

The most common lies were:


  • Embellished skill sets (62 percent)
  • Embellished responsibilities (54 percent)
  • Dates of employment (39 percent)
  • Job titles (31 percent)
  • Academic degrees (28 percent)
  • Companies worked for (26 percent)


You read that last one right—a staggering 26 percent of hiring managers came across people claiming to have worked for companies where they were never even employed.


Most recruiters would agree that although a prospective candidate’s qualifications and experience don’t need to align perfectly with the position, lying is a deal-breaker.


Of course you might not know if prospective hires are telling you the truth if you’re not digging deeper—and we’re not just talking about calling references.


Approved Hire’s Employment Verification check confirms the subject’s employment dates, job title, salary, reason for leaving (in some states) and eligibility for rehire with a past employer. Similarly, our Education Verification check confirms the subject’s degrees earned and attendance dates at the listed educational institutions.


Screening candidates to verify their resumes and applications isn’t just a matter of finding the best fit for a company—failing to thoroughly screen applicants can open you up to legal liability in addition to tarnishing your reputation.


Don’t let someone’s lie end up costing you. Learn more about how our screening solutions can help today.

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