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Screening Solutions

Search smarter with background checks designed to help staffing and recruiting companies find the information they need most.


Credit Report Results

Create an employment credit report for the subject's past credit history, including bankruptcies, judgments, liens and more. Any client-facing role or position involving sensitive company information should require this.

Credit Report Results


Federal Criminal Search

See criminal complaints brought by the U.S. government against defendants for violations of federal criminal law. Federal crimes will not appear in state or county felony and misdemeanor court record searches.

Federal Criminal Search


Employment Verification

Verify the subject’s employment dates, job title, salary, reason for leaving and eligibility for rehire with a past employer. This authenticates information submitted on the subject's resume or application.

Employment Verification


Education verification

Confirm the subject’s degrees earned and attendance dates at the listed educational institution. This verifies information submitted on the subject's resume or application.

Education verification


Drug Screening

Choose from several options. Our 10-panel drug screening can detect Marijuana, Cocaine, Phencyclidine, Opiates, Methamphetamine, Methadone, Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, and Tricyclic Antidepressants. We purposefully outsource drug screenings through multiple vendors to provide one of the largest footprints in the U.S., and a Medical Review Officer justifies any non-negative results.

Drug Screening


Driving Records

Find information from a state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Information reported includes revoked licenses, speeding and traffic accidents. Different levels of licenses such as CDL and Hazardous Materials are also included. Any employee who drives a company vehicle needs to be checked every 6 months.

Driving Records
Screening Solutions

Focus on staffing

Staffing and recruiting companies know it's essential to have confidence in who you're hiring. Approved Hire offers the reliable screening solutions you need to make sure clients get the best candidates in the right roles as soon as possible—without sacrificing safety. With more than 20 years of experience, we're experts at keeping companies compliant at every stage of the hiring process, even as laws change.

Who we are at Approved Hire

Approved Hire has tailored the background screening process specifically for your business. You are now able to utilize Approved Hire's paperless, online tools to automate and help manage the background screening process of all of your applicants from start to finish. Package this with some of our simple yet robust screening tools and it may explain why our company has had one of the industries highest customer retention rates for nearly 20 years.

Numbers don't lie

Our diverse range of screening solutions ensures you always get the information you need from trusted sources.
Over 500 million records with over 3 million photos
State & Reservation Sex Offender Registries photos
National/International Databases with more added each month
Why Approved Hire?

SSN Identity Trace

Approved Hire feels a Social Security Number Trace is an essential part of uncovering a candidate's possible criminal record because it reveals a subject's documented residence history. It verifies a subject's SSN, past and present addresses and possible aliases or maiden names used. This search establishes the timeframe of when the SSN is valid, state of issue and if it is actually registered to the subject. It will also provide the counties a subject lived in and allow you to decide which and how many counties to request. Although many companies charge a flat rate for this service, Approved Hire allows you to request and pay for only the counties needed.

Criminal Search


Our researchers in the field access information directly from any and all of the 3400+ country courthouses throughout the United States.


We instantly pull information reported from a wide range of agencies, including criminal convictions for the entire state.


Approved Hire accesses criminal convictions from multiple sources, including law enforcement agencies and sex offender registries, across the country.

Enhanced Nationwide Search

This provides both the SSN Identity Trace and the Nationwide Criminal Check together in the same search. Additionally, our Clean Sweep System shows ALL Alias names that were on the SSN Identity Trace and searches ALL names against our 1000 databases. This allows you to eliminate the bad hires immediately ultimately allowing your Human Resource Department to be more responsive and diligent with time management.

Screening Solutions 2

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Our system is entirely online and features deep customization. Over 60 types of background checks to choose from. Access the ones you need from your free account!

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